Carson Community Bank released their new online and mobile banking service to customers on July 13. This has been an exciting year for the bank. In March they announced the unification of Bank of Commerce and Peoples Bank under a new name, Carson Community Bank. This was the first of many ways the bank is looking to enhance and upgrade how they serve their customers.


Upgrading online and mobile banking technology is one of the major ways the bank is enhancing how they serve their customers. Customers will have the ability to deposit a check from their phone, make transfers, sync accounts from other financial institutions, integrate with Quickbooks, and easily pay friends and family with a feature called P2P. 


“We are taking strategic steps to ensure the longevity of the bank by evaluating areas to better serve our customers and community, says Drew T. Carson, Carson Community Bank President. “Online banking and having a mobile app is aligned with what customers have asked for, and appeals to the younger generation.” 


Convenience and the ability to have your banking needs met within a mobile app is now an expectation for customers. 

“We started this project before the pandemic hit, but the current state of the world created a sense of urgency to get this service in the hands of customers as quickly as possible,” said Adriana C. Scott, Executive Vice President and Chief Brand Officer. “Our project team has worked extremely hard over the past few months. I’m proud of the team and appreciate what they’ve accomplished.” 


The project team included Kristy Chastain, Jason Garhart, Adriana Scott, Stacey Noe, Alethea Vejar, Jim Grooms, and Brant Caton. 


“We’ve had a lot on our plate this year and the online and mobile banking project has been a huge undertaking. Juggling the day-to-day, changing our name, navigating new processes when we closed our lobbies, in addition to this project, has been challenging and rewarding. Our team has done a fantastic job and I’m proud of how well we worked together to make all these things happen,” said Kristy Chastain, Executive Vice President, Chief Operating Officer, and Project Manager for online and mobile banking. 


Customers can access the new online banking system by visiting Carson Community Bank’s website at Clicking the login button on the menu bar will direct customers to initial login instructions. After customers log in from a browser, they should search for and download the CCB Mobile app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.